HomeToGo observes travel demand surge for Italy and Spain

Luxembourg: Alternative accommodation marketplace HomeToGo has released new internal data that demonstrates a significant uptick in global traveller demand for Southern Europe.

As pandemic-related travel restrictions have eased throughout the past year, HomeToGo, whose group of brands includes the Italian vacation rental brand Feries [Milan], which operates Agriturismo.it and CaseVacanza.it, and the Spanish brand EscapadaRural [Barcelona], is observing an increase in the number of travellers searching for vacation rentals in Italy and Spain, and specifically in rural destinations.

Based on internal data, HomeToGo says that it has observed:

  • A 25 per cent uplift in total global searches for Italy in 2021 vs. 2020
  • A 40 per cent uplift in total global searches for Spain in 2021 vs. 2020
  • A majority share of demand for vacation rentals is in rural destinations – 78 per cent of searches in Spain and 91 per cent of searches in Italy are targeting rural destinations as opposed to cities and urban areas
  • The average booking value for trips has increased by 30 per cent in Spain and 14 per cent in Italy in 2021 vs. 2020
  • For 2022, Italy is the most popular international destination for US travellers and Spain is the most popular international destination for French and UK travellers
  • Italy and Spain are in the top ten most preferred international travel destinations for 2022, including for travellers in core markets such as Germany, France, the UK and the USA

As traveller interest continues to surge with borders opening up, rental marketplaces such as Agriturismo.it, CaseVacanza.it and EscapadaRural claim to be providing a benefit to those looking to stay in unique, high-quality and hidden gem vacation homes, especially if interested in discovering rural, remote destinations across Italy and Spain. For homeowners and property managers, the brands are working with HomeToGo on technology solutions that can better connect hosts and properties of all types with qualified, conversion-optimised consumer demand.

Patrick Andrae, co-founder and CEO of HomeToGo, said: “Together with our CaseVacanza.it, Agriturismo.it and EscapadaRural brands, we offer an unparalleled selection of uniquely local, high-quality and rural listings in Spain and Italy that you will not be able to find on other platforms. As travel returns, it’s our priority to provide travellers with the largest choice of vacation rentals for any trip they can imagine – whether it’s a farm stay in the quiet Tuscan countryside or a villa on the vibrant Andalusian coast.

“We look forward to further scaling growth with these brands and their local teams to give travellers and property managers across the globe a world class experience in this new era of travel,” he added.

Montse Gil, managing director of EscapadaRural, said: “EscapadaRural’s mission is to promote rural tourism and provide savvy travellers with incredible stays that give them an experience that is deeply connected to local communities and cultures. Being part of the HomeToGo group allows us to continue developing the category in the Spanish and Portuguese market.

“The mutual support and learning, the exchange of good practices, added to their technological solutions and our accumulated experience over the last fourteen years, offers us the possibility to continue creating value and provide the best service to travellers and owners,” she added.

Fabrizio Begossi, managing director of Agriturismo.it and CaseVacanza.it, said: “The Feries brands are delighted to see increased traveller interest in Italy as travel restrictions continue to ease. Our long established local expertise combined with HomeToGo’s global reach and highly sophisticated technology platform allows Agriturismo.it and CaseVacanza.it to tap into a new segment of international travellers from priority markets including Germany, the UK and the USA.

“Our local property owners and managers are ready to provide incredible, safe and unique accommodations as we welcome travellers back to our stunning country,” he added.

Following HomeToGo’s listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in September, the company is focusing on global expansion as one of its core priorities. Feries and EscapadaRural were acquired by HomeToGo in 2018 and 2019 respectively.