Hostaway has launched Hostaway Capital

Hostaway unveils financial services product Hostaway Capital

Canada: All-in-one vacation rental property management software Hostaway has announced the launch of Hostaway Capital in partnership with Parafin.

The financial services product is designed to empower Hostaway’s clients in the United States by providing flexible loans catered specifically to the unique needs of vacation rental property managers.

Hostaway Capital represents a step forward in the software company’s commitment to supporting the growth and success of its vacation rental property management customers. By leveraging Parafin’s robust financing capabilities, Hostaway is positioning itself to offer financing options that are both accessible and adaptable to the dynamic nature of vacation rental property management.

Marcus Rader, co-founder and CEO of Hostaway, said: “Through our partnership with Parafin, we are thrilled to introduce Hostaway Capital, a finance product designed to support the ambitions and operational needs of vacation rental property managers across North America. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions beyond property management software, helping our clients achieve sustainable growth. Our foundational belief is that our customers’ success is our priority.”

Hostaway’s decision to partner with Parafin for this venture was driven by Parafin’s proven track record in delivering flexible and innovative financial solutions. This collaboration ensures that Hostaway Capital is backed by the expertise and infrastructure necessary to offer a seamless financing experience to property managers.

The company offers deep channel integrations with premium partners such as Vrbo,, and Airbnb and a marketplace of over 150 software partners.

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