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TrustedStays launches Guest Referral Network

UK: Industry-wide short-term rental booking platform TrustedStays has launched the TrustedStays Guest Referral Network, a lead-sharing initiative designed to reshape business dynamics within the sector.

Founded on the principles of collaboration and mutual benefit, the TrustedStays Guest Referral Network aims to empower property managers and operators to seamlessly share leads and earn commission while enhancing guest satisfaction.

TrustedStays was founded during the pandemic supporting the UK Government in housing key workers under the NHS Homes initiative and transformed into an industry-wide platform supported by the Short-Term Accommodation Association [STAA] and the Association for Rental Living [ARL]. The platform enables government, corporates and travel agents to book accredited apartments and homes within the short-term rental industry.

The initiative launched as 1300+ short-term rental companies met at the Short Stay Summit in London this week.

Merilee Karr, founder and CEO of UnderTheDoormat Group, said: “Since TrustedStays launched four years ago, we now have 500+ industry partners on the platform which can tap into traveller demand from corporates, government, travel agents and the Global Distribution System [GDS]. The launch of the TrustedStays Guest Referral Network goes even further in enabling any industry partner who is unable to fulfil that demand to share leads with another partner, keeping the guest in the vacation rental ecosystem.”

Operators who are unable to fulfil guest enquires due to maximum occupancy or lack of suitable inventory can utilise the TrustedStays Guest Referral Network with thousands of available properties across the UK.

While operators stand to gain additional revenue through referral commissions for successful bookings, guests can enjoy access to a vast network of properties, ensuring greater choice and enhanced satisfaction.

TrustedStays has 500 industry partners, including the likes of Charles Hope, City Relay, GuestReady, Host & Stay, Joivy, onefinestay, Urban Stay, Veeve, Viridian and Week 2 Week.

James Brown, head of commercials & partners of TrustedStays, said: “The TrustedStays Guest Referral is a network that uses technology to simplify and automate a practice that has existed for years in the industry, finding an alternative property for a guest in a fellow industry company’s portfolio, in exchange for a commission. It simply takes a manual process over email or WhatsApp and ensures that the process is seamless and traceable through the TrustedStays website.

“It is a great way to increase revenues for STAA and ARL member companies from clients they currently turn away,” he added.

For more information and to join the TrustedStays Guest Referral Network, visit this link.

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