Hostaway has integrated with Hopper Homes

Hostaway integrates with Hopper Homes

Canada / US: Travel booking app Hopper has become the latest partner to short-term rental management platform Hostaway. 

The partnership is designed to unlock access to Hostaway’s significant market share of short-term rentals across North America, which is a strategic move in the expansion of Hopper Homes, which launched in January.

Property managers using Hostaway’s software to control their channel distribution will, in turn, get the opportunity to put their portfolio in front of high-intent Hopper users.

Hopper is the third largest online travel agency in the United States, and its app has nearly 80 million downloads to date. The company’s data-driven fintech products – including Price Freeze and Cancel for Any Reason – are set up to help travellers save money and gain flexibility across travel categories.

Through the latest integration, Hostaway wants to continue to build its reputation as a highly-rated inventory supply provider to major OTAs, as the only combined property management system [PMS] and channel manager to be a preferred partner of Airbnb, an elite partner of Vrbo, a premier partner with Booking.com, and directly integrated to Hopper, Marriott Homes & Villas and Expedia.

Hopper’s rapid growth journey, with sales up four to five times year-over-year, mirrors that of Hostaway’s growth in the short-term rental industry and the surging popularity of the category worldwide.

Marcus Rader, co-founder and CEO of Hostaway, said: “We followed the launch of Hopper Homes with a lot of interest since travel and tech are our two big passions at Hostaway, and Hopper has carved out a name for itself in those two segments. We work with many property managers in the United States, which is Hopper’s main market, so it benefits both companies to team up on this integration.

“We’re excited about the possibilities this will bring to our customers,” he added.

Susan Ho, head of Hopper Homes, said: “We launched Hopper Homes in direct response to customer feedback. In fact, about 40 per cent of Hopper users – who are primarily Gen Z and millennial travellers – indicated they prefer homes over hotels.

“Partnering with Hostaway allows us to bolster our high-quality inventory, and helps us deliver on our promise to provide the best booking options at the best prices,” she added.

STRz recently collaborated with Hopper Homes to host a webinar on “Tech conundrum – early adopter or late to the party?”, featuring Ho and Luca Parducci [director of supply] from Hopper. View the webinar recording in full at this link.

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