Inspirato founder and CEO, Brent Handler [Credit: Robb Report]

Inspirato introduces travel subscription service

US: Private travel club Inspirato is introducing a travel subscription service for clients to access over 60,000 luxury vacation rentals, as well as boutique hotels, resorts and experiences worldwide.

The service, known as Inspirato Pass, requires subscribers to pay a monthly fee to access the company’s portfolio as it looks to diversify its offering of vacation rentals in particular.

Inspirato CEO Brent Handler, who founded the firm in 2010, told Luxury Daily: “Inspirato Pass marks the first-time people can travel as often as they’d like and as spontaneously as they’d like for a fixed monthly cost with no nightly rates, taxes or fees. Until now, the travel industry hasn’t seen a similar model of service.

“As a simple monthly subscription, Inspirato Pass removes the friction of paying high nightly rates and allows for more frequent travel, at greater value.

This will appeal to travellers of all ages including empty-nesters who are checking off their bucket lists by embarking on any of the Inspirato Only-experiences, multi-generational families looking for homes large enough to host the entire family for a week-long vacation, and business travellers needing to book last minute luxury hotel rooms in the world’s best cities,” he added.

Members of the subscription service will also receive access to a customer care team which helps to arrange vacations and itineraries among other things.

Rates start at $1,150 per month and subscribers can book homes up to six months in advance of their stay.

The pass can be purchased with one flat monthly fee, starting at $2,500 a month, and there are no additional night rates, taxes or fees. However, pass holders are still advised that they are responsible for their own travel costs, as well as those for food, activities and other amenities.

Pass trips can last between two and 60 days, and can be booked up to a year in advance.

Inspirato says the pass allows access to up to 83,000 trips in 140 destinations, such as the United States, Mexico, Central America, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. Among the trips included are a weeklong stay at an Inspirato Residence in Los Cabos, Mexico, and a residence for 16 travellers in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Furthermore, pass holders are able to filter their trips according to vacation style, destination, property type, check-in dates, duration, travellers and estimated value.

Companies such as Marriott, Airbnb and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have been contributing to a surge in interest for luxury rental properties in recent times.

Firstly, Marriott launched its Homes & Villas by Marriott International business venture, before Airbnb introduced its ‘Luxe’ category and Four Seasons announced it was expanding its existing portfolio of rental properties.

Last year, Inspirato made its step into the luxury travel space by setting up Inspirato Real Estate, which adds properties at a quicker pace to the platform and provides clients with a curated list of vetted properties for them to choose from.

Handler said: “Affluent travellers are often annoyed with idiosyncratic nightly rates and are accustomed to the ease of subscription models in other areas of their lives like apparel and entertainment. The confluence of those two seemingly unrelated marketplace trends make now the perfect time for innovation such as Inspirato Pass.”

For more information, visit the Inspirato website here.

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