Airbnb India country manager Amanpreet Bajaj [Credit: Outlook Business]

Airbnb and Thrive Global India set up ‘Thrive Retreats’

India: Airbnb and Thrive Global India have partnered to launch ‘Thrive Retreats’ for corporate travellers as part of Airbnb Experiences.

The partnership between Airbnb and the tech-based media and corporate services firm, founded by Arianna Huffington, aims to recognise the impact of stress on the lives of Indian travel professionals who need an opportunity to recharge their batteries.

Thrive Retreats will be bookable on the Airbnb platform, providing corporate groups with curated wellness retreats in different parts of the world.

The initiative is designed to encourage firms to let their employees switch off and take some time off work for relaxation in an Airbnb rental property. In addition, retreats on offer will also offer choose Airbnb Experiences to help maintain mental wellbeing.

Other activities such as spa treatments, Ayurveda massages, hiking, nature walks and outdoor sports will be promoted as well, in which Thrive Global India will call on seasoned professionals to create insightful sessions for retreat attendees. The potential benefits of the retreats are improving leadership, boosting wellness, challenging and shifting beliefs, as well as reducing tension.

Speaking to Business Wire India, Thrive Global founder and CEO, Arianna Huffington, said: “India’s workforce is not only one of the largest in the world, it’s also one of the youngest.

“At Thrive Global India, our mission is to help the digitally savvy Indian workforce to prioritise their wellbeing in order to lead more productive and meaningful lives. Travel has long been a way for people to unplug and recharge and connect not just with others, but also with themselves.

“We look forward to curating these retreats with Airbnb,” she added.

Airbnb’s country manager for India, Amanpreet Bajaj, said: “More than 400,000 companies across the globe directly engage with Airbnb to help manage business travel since we launched Airbnb for Work earlier in 2014. This growth is a testimony to the change we are witnessing in the world today.

“Companies are now actively seeking unique travel experiences for their employees as a means to motivate their staff and increase overall productivity. ‘Thrive Retreats’ will offer corporates an option to increase their productivity through these experiences which increase mindfulness,” he added.

Thrive Global India general manager, Doctor Marcus Ranney, said: “We are delighted to partner with Airbnb to curate Thrive Retreats. With this collaboration, we expand Thrive India’s media platform offering beyond brand affinity and editorial campaigns; to the realm of product, service and experience co-creation.

“We are excited by this opportunity to immerse ourselves more deeply into the Indian corporate ecosystem and enhance people’s wellbeing in a holistic manner,” he added.

For more information, visit the Thrive Global website here.

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