InsuraGuest Technologies has expanded the reach of its platform

InsuraGuest expands integrations with 82 property management systems

Canada: Insurtech company InsuraGuest Technologies has announced that it has expanded the reach of its platform to fully integrate with 82 different property management systems through the Company’s proprietary API, which enables properties to transfer certain liability exposures from their facilities to the InsuraGuest Hospitality Liability policies.

Founded in 2017, InsuraGuest describes itself as a leading technology firm that uses its own proprietary insurtech software platform to digitally deliver customer insurance to its members.

The company maintains that its solution transfers the risk from a vacation rental or hotel operator by making guests pay a nominal fee per night. InsuraGuest pays out these small claims to avoid a potential impact on the vacation rental or hotel operator’s general liability policy.

InsuraGuest chairman and CEO, Douglas Anderson, said in a statement: “Increasing our platform integration to 82 different property management systems gives us the ability to connect with over 90 per cent of the systems in use today, systems which are used by Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, and Airbnb.”

Through its custom coverages, properties are able to benefit from an additional layer of protection in the event that a guest experiences an accident, in-room property damage, death and dismemberment or theft during their stay at an InsuraGuest-protected property.

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