iTrip Vacations is opening a management company in Knoxville [Unsplash]

iTrip Vacations opens management company in Knoxville

US: iTrip Vacations has announced its newest iTrip destination – iTrip Vacations Knoxville. 

The short-term rental property management company will serve owners and guests in Knoxville located in East Tennessee. The full-service programme aims to increase net rental income and guest reviews, while providing marketing, free light maintenance, professional cleaning, and automatic response systems.

iTrip Vacations Knoxville owner and operator, Rock Hurst, said: “After researching multiple concepts in different franchise spaces, iTrip Vacations Knoxville was a perfect fit as a viable brand for my location and experience. Knoxville is located only minutes from the most visited national park in the US, and it offers big-city amenities.

“Plus, iTrip’s software and corporate support make it easy for travellers to book a trip with no worries,” added Hurst.

The Tennessee expansion is part of a growing number of destinations managed by iTrip Vacations, following Oak Island in North Carolina and Lincoln City in Oregon earlier this year.

iTrip Vacations CEO Steve Caron said: “As a Vrbo Elite software partner, iTrip Vacations also continues to focus on innovation, automation and industry-leading technology. This enables us to provide our franchisees with the highest quality tools and processes available to the short-term rental property management industry.”

The city of Knoxville is a short drive from Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and also provides access to outdoor recreation, art, live entertainment, historical sites, museums and events.

iTrip Vacations provides full-service rental property management programmes to more than 80 destinations in North America, while enhancing experiences through affordable luxury accommodations and custom programmes.

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