Juniper Holiday + Home is planning to double its portfolio in 2022 [Credit: Juniper H+H]

Juniper Holiday + Home planning to double portfolio in 2022

US: Colorado-based vacation rental management company Juniper Holiday + Home has announced plans to approximately double its portfolio in 2022, having launched earlier in the pandemic.

Based in Boulder and established in July 2020, Juniper Holiday + Home currently owns and operates 11 homes, and expects to grow its portfolio in Michigan and vacation areas within driving distance of major city markets such as New York, South Carolina and Montana.

Curtis McDonald, CEO of Juniper Holiday + Home, said: “Unlike other short-term rental property companies, we take pride in fully owning as well as managing all of our listings. From concept to creation, our team of designers, contractors, and on-the-ground staff work to create and maintain a home that mirrors our commitment to customers and their desire to enjoy a safe yet one-of-a-kind vacation or holiday gathering.

“We are so grateful for the growth of Juniper Holiday + Home and look forward to continuing to offer guests the highest level of service and enjoyment as we add to our roster of premier homes,” he added.

Catering to leisure and business travellers alike, Juniper Holiday + Home’s real estate portfolio is currently valued at an estimated $8,700,000.

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