Jurny co-founder and CEO, Luca Zambello

Jurny releases new Gen AI tools and free PMS for STR hosts

US: Hospitality tech company Jurny is rolling out its latest and most robust operating system to date – JurnyOS 2.0, which is available now, is powered by GPT-4 and features dynamic AI tools designed to connect, optimise and automate operational tasks and guest management.

Some of the JurnyOS 2.0 highlights include:

  • Never miss a message with Nia – Nia is Jurny’s advanced AI assistant built on GPT-4, which can automate tasks and enhance customer service while improving operational efficiency. According to Jurny, it is already more accurate at many tasks than the average human agent and, thanks to Generative AI, is rapidly improving each day; Nia can already handle full conversations with guests, making it infinitely scalable.

  • Premier management in a free PMS – Jurny says that it now offers “the industry’s only completely free PMS leveraging Generative AI to assist hosts with managing their properties”. With no onboarding fees, an intuitive user interface [UI] and the help of Nia, properties are live in minutes, not months.

  • One [click] and done – Jurny’s new OS and PMS feature a robust integration for Airbnb. With a single sign-in, property managers will be able to seamlessly connect to the Airbnb platform, sync content and historical data, update rates and availability, and receive bookings in real-time – all without ever having to leave the Jurny platform.

  • All-in-one vertically integrated system – Remove the hassle of finding the best tools and say goodbye to tracking multiple licences and renewal dates. Jurny wants to offer a natively integrated, best-in-class technology stack, including tools such as Wheelhouse, Autohost, Minut and others for advanced analytics and reporting, channel management, reputation management, electronic payments, IoT access control, website development and more.

In 2019, Luca Zambello co-founded and launched Jurny to fix the fragmented and costly property management model through modern, transformative technologies.

Today, the company is seeking to lead the industry’s transition to the digital age, utilising AI and automation in smart ways that enhance the guest experience.

Andrew Kitchell, founder and CEO of Wheelhouse, said: “The release of Jurny’s AI-enhanced technology and access to its premium PMS for free is poised to transform the industry. By democratising access to advanced tools that were once only available to the biggest players, Jurny is not just changing the game, it’s levelling the playing field for everyone in the industry.”

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