The #wearelayers campaign [Credit: Layers]

Layers teams up with United Way of Tarrant County for #wearelayers campaign

Israel / US: Communal living real estate brand Layers has partnered with United Way of Tarrant County to create a community-oriented social campaign with the aim to raise funds, awareness and additional support for health care workers and first responders who are on the front lines fighting the coronavirus.

In the initial phase, which is being coined #wearelayers, Layers will make an immediate $5,000 contribution to United Way of Tarrant County’s Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund, while also encouraging its own community members and other concerned citizens from around the globe to take part in a social media campaign to raise at least $10,000. Based on the success and participation from the campaign’s initial efforts, additional community-oriented campaigns and fundraising is planned in the future.

The primary purpose of creating the social campaign is to provide concerned community members from around the globe with the opportunity to support health care workers and first responders. Members can get involved in the campaign on social media, simply by commenting and sharing content to raise money.

Layers president Daniel Farber said: “At our core, the Layers brand is focused around enhancing communities. We are honoured to partner with organisations like United Way of Tarrant County to support causes such as providing child care to first responders and health care providers, supporting staffing at Covid-19 testing stations, and several other crucial initiatives that this campaign will support.

“The Layers brand was created to represent the many layers that form our communities. Therefore, it’s really compelling to turn this into a community-wide social campaign, allowing everyone in the community, or every “layer” as we call them, to be involved and contributing, by simply letting us know what it means for them to be a “layer” of their community,” he added.

​United Way of Tarrant County president and CEO, Leah King, said: “We are pleased to partner with the Layers brand to bring attention to the continued need in our community.

“This crisis has devastated so many of our friends and neighbours over the past several weeks, and the bills are still piling up. The generosity of community partners like Layers brand is the perfect example of why we are better together,” she added.

For more information, visit the Layers website here.

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