Minut has launched its Call Assist service [Credit: Minut]

Minut launches 24/7 Call Assist service

Sweden / UK: Property tech company Minut has launched its latest product, Call Assist, a 24-hour service that enables operators to call guests to resolve noise issues in short-term rental properties.

Call Assist will provide round-the-clock access to phone operators who will reach out to guests in case of excessive noise, offering reassurance to both hosts and property managers.

Aiming to add an extra level of security to vacation rentals, Minut is launching what it says is an “unparalleled response” to make the hospitality industry a better place for everyone, from guests and hosts to neighbours alike.

With Call Assist, trained phone operators will call guests when noise persists despite the alerts to remind them of the host’s property rules and of the importance of respecting the rest of the community. In most cases, the call is enough to put an end to the noise issue and restore peace in the property – Minut says that the majority of noise issues could be solved “in under 15 minutes”.

With most noise issues and complaints in vacation rentals occurring at unsociable hours, many hosts find themselves faced with a dilemma – whether or not they should compromise their work-life balance to handle them.

Call Assist provides a unique solution to the problem by allowing hosts and operators to externalise their noise disturbance response. Phone operators are trained in friendly conflict resolution, are fluent in both English and French, and are available to reach out to guests no matter the country or time zone. 

In the fast-paced world of the vacation rental industry, fighting excessive noise has become the bane of hosts’ work lives around the world. With increasingly stringent noise disturbance regulations in many global markets and unauthorised parties – and the associated costs – on the rise, Minut says that noise monitoring matters more now than ever before, hence the launch of its “care-based solution” for hosts and property managers.

The unveiling of Call Assist follows the introduction of two other major Minut products so far this year. In January, the tech company launched a new-generation sensor, described as “the world’s first native outdoor noise monitoring solution built specifically for the hospitality industry”, and in May, Minut showcased its cigarette detection service to prevent indoor smoking.

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