Quality Unearthed predicts success for glamping cabins: “floatels”

UK: After being introduced to the Milford Haven Marina in the latter half of 2019, Welsh travel agency Quality Unearthed, in partnership with the Milford Haven Waterfront in Pembrokeshire, is predicting an increase in occupancy and activity to the new trend of four floating cabins: ‘Floatels’.

Installed and partly-funded by the Coastal Communities Fund, the four floating structures are centrally placed within the growing environment of Milford Marina, and seek to offer a “unique and quirky experience for visitors to the area”.

Introduced in September 2019, the four luxury structures have taken advantage of the budding ‘glamping’ market by already welcoming in more than 100 unique guests since their launch, with many repeat stays now taking place.

As part of the launch, Clare Stowell, director of property and tourism at the Port of Milford Haven, said: “This is a fantastic milestone for us and I’m delighted to have a really unique attraction right here at Milford Waterfront.”

And the interest and occupancy that has already been seen by the floatels, throughout what is usually a quieter winter period for glamping structures is already showing signs of growth, with bookings for 2020 already flooding in.

Since their installation, three of the floatels were made ready for guests, Morlo – the dog-friendly cabin – along with Nantucket and Tembek.

Sybil, another dog-friendly cabin, is being readied for the 2020 season, and has now been made available for advanced bookings. It has twin beds to allow for sharing, whereas the other three have traditionally catered for couples.

The floatels are a luxury experience, taking key elements from that of a hotel stay, as well as from glamping and ‘tiny house’ structures. They use locally sourced fittings, beds and decor while aiming to provide an enhanced guest experience and value for money. 

For more information, visit the Quality Unearthed website here