Raus has secured a "seven-figure" sum in pre-seed funding

Raus secures “seven-figure” sum in pre-seed funding

Germany: Berlin-based cabin rental startup Raus has announced that it has secured a “seven-figure” sum in pre-seed funding as it prepares to open its first getaways in Germany this year.

The round in the startup, founded by childhood friends Dr. Christopher Eilers, Johann Ahlers and Julian Trautwein, was led by Viennese early-stage investor Speedinvest and prominent business angels from travel planner Tourlane, Julian Stiefel and Julian Weselek.

Founded earlier this year, Raus wants to work with farmers or forest owners architects to obtain land in exchange for a share of revenue, before developing and building “chic, sustainable cabins” to rent out in the countryside.

In doing so, it is designed to serve as a welcome relief from bustling “big city life” that gives travellers a stress-free break from the relentless demands and stimuli that modern life entails, and brings them closer to home.

Raus intends to use the incoming capital to invest in product and technology development, as well as scaling ahead of its formal roll out later in 2021.

Raus co-founder Julian Trautwein told EU-Startups.com: “We live in an always-on, always-available world and sometimes we simply need to escape. In fact, the number one thing that people value about vacations is the break from everyday duties.

“At Raus, we provide spaces where you are relieved from your to-do lists just a short trip away from your home. With the investment, we make breaks from everyday life seamlessly bookable whenever you need them. A regular refuge from urbanity,” he added.

The deliberately minimalist cabins will still allow for a digitalised guest experience and are equipped with everything a guest needs to ensure a comfortable stay outside of a city, while guests will also be able to check themselves in and out using a keyless entry system.

Raus is due to open up for bookings within the next few weeks and those who register online here for an email distribution list will be the first to be notified about developments.

Interest in “tiny homes” and cabin rentals has skyrocketed in the last couple of years, with startups such as Getaway and Unyoked promising anything from “wilderness experiences” to “micro adventures” raising investment in this year alone.

In our STRz predictions piece for 2021 back in December 2020, we predicted that tiny and mobile homes would both become preferred types of lodging, such is the collective desire for privacy and seclusion persuading renegades and road trippers to turn to the segment as their accommodation of choice.

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