Rentals United publishes Google Guide for property managers

Barcelona: Channel manager Rentals United, which recently partnered with Google, has created a Google Guide to help professional property managers navigate the search engine’s travel search services.

The aim of the Google Guide is to demystify the processes and clarify all the confusion around Google Hotel Ads for vacation rentals, as well as how these feed into the search engine’s Search and Maps functions.

According to the guide, Hotel Ads have been appearing on Google among the organic search results and paid ads, which has allowed hotels worldwide to expand their reach, attract more travellers and fill their rooms.

Google itself has stated that Hotel Ad partners have seen the number of leads to partners grow by 65 per cent year-over-year in the first six months of 2018. The opportunity is now also available to vacation rental property managers worldwide that use one of Google’s chosen preferred connectivity partners, such as Rentals United.

The Google Guide also explains the advantages of guests booking directly via Google, whilst the property management company remains the so-called ‘merchant of record’.

Rentals United states that existing clients report up to a 25 per cent increase in bookings and save up to 20 hours a week in manual work by partnering with them for their channel management. With Rentals United’s Book Direct solution, property managers will have their listings automatically added to Google’s vacation rental search.

For more information, download the Google Guide here.