The HHA has introduced a new Code of Practice [Credit: The Original Cottage Company]

Holiday Home Association brings in Code of Practice

London: The Holiday Home Association (HHA) has launched a set of industry standards to raise quality and assurance for guests booking a privately owned self-catering holiday home in the UK.

The Holiday Home Industry Code of Practice (HHICOP) is a comprehensive set of guidelines that sets out standards in health and safety, marketing, accessibility, insurance liability, data protection and complaints procedures.

It has been developed by the HHA to reflect the growing need for transparency and professional responsibility by self-catering holiday home providers during a time of increased growth in both the supply and demand for privately owned self-catering accommodation.

The HHA, which is currently the UK’s longest serving trade association for the self-catering holiday home industry since its foundation in the 1970s, is a not-for-profit organisation. It includes members managing one or two homes, to larger cottage rental agencies with portfolios of properties running into the thousands.

HHA chief executive Martin Sach said: “The self-catering industry in the UK has changed considerably over the last few years, with a much greater increase in the availability of properties, with more and more owners and managers joining the market.

“There are also many more distribution channels through which a guest can book a property and these developments, can at times, be confusing for guests who are increasingly looking for more assurance that what they book will indeed be a professionally run and fairly represented example of what they are looking for,” he added.

James Ellis, business development director of The Original Cottage Company and member of the HHA, said: “We are very pleased to be part of HHA’s new Code of Practice. As a cottage agent with more than 4,000 properties, we fully support the need for the self-catering industry to continue to professionalise the offering for guests.”

The HHICOP, which can be easily downloaded from the HHA website, has no cost associated with it and is available for both members and non-members of the HHA.

For more information, visit the HHA website here.

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