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Rentals United partners with GUARDHOG

Spain: Channel management solution Rentals United has announced a partnership with GUARDHOG Technologies to provide a risk management platform for hosts.

The platform, called SUPERHOG, will offer risk management tools including ID verification, all backed by a £1 million guarantee. A search functionality can also allow property managers to find information about their guests.

Rentals United stresses the importance of screening guests as critical to running a more secure business to prevent parties, avoid fraudulent bookings and credit card fraud, and prevent criminal activity on rentals.

James Burrows, CEO of Rentals United, said: “This partnership with GUARDHOG Tech gives Rentals United’s customers a huge opportunity to develop trust with their guests and build a business complete with full integrity and assurance.”

Humphrey Bowles, CEO of GUARDHOG Technologies, said: “When property managers invest and implement brilliant trust and risk management they see an immediate boost to their revenue and NPS. Working with Rentals United allows this to happen seamlessly, open new revenue channels and clearly have the peace of mind that they are entering into a safe and trustworthy booking.

Kamila Miller, had of marketing at GUARDHOG Technologies, added: “It’s great that OTAs are trying to combat the problem of ID verification, but the fact is that they can’t do it alone. That’s where a collective solution like SUPERHOG steps in.” 

Rentals United provides tools, data and expertise for short-term rental managers to optimise their business model. It consists of all the big OTAs as well as other niche sites.

GUARDHOG Technologies is a risk management and insurance marketplace. It incorporates ID verification, guest screening, insurance, and property certification. 

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