Revyoos co-founder Christophe Salmon [Credit: Revyoos]

Revyoos launches third-party review aggregation for rentals

Madrid: Revyoos, the only all-in-one review aggregator for short-term rentals, has launched to address a gap in the market for genuine review collation and reputation management for property managers and owners, already commonplace in the hotel industry.

The platform and customisable widget enable property managers and owners to automatically gather all reviews spread across different channels and use them as social proof on their own websites. This results in improved credibility, SEO and increased conversions.

With 68 per cent of internet users questioning the authenticity of online reviews, potential guests need to ensure the reviews they read come from trustable sources. Revyoos is servicing a clear customer demand by addressing the current lack of genuine review aggregation in the short-term rental industry.

Christophe Salmon, co-founder and CEO of Revyoos, said: “Revyoos’ mission is to build neutral trust and credibility for property managers and owners through review aggregation; the vision of our Revyoos Rating Score is to become the standard for genuine guest reviews in the short-term rental industry as Reviewpro’s Global Review Score is for the hotel industry.”

Revyoos, which can be used directly and is also easily integrated with a property management system [PMS] through API connection, empowers property managers and owners to better control and manage their third party reviews and make informed business decisions by tracking and analysing review scores at both a property and company level. In addition, every review is stored in the cloud through the platform, ensuring that managers retain them indefinitely.

Property managers and owners can either publish the detailed review widget on their own website or the Revyoos Rating Score Badge, which shows aggregated numbers and ratings only from the 100 per cent trustable sources where it can be ensured that a guest stayed at the property.

Simon Lehmann, CEO of AJL Atelier and advisor to hospitality tech startups, said: “The team behind Revyoos has brought to market a product that we believe will revolutionise the reputation management for short-term rentals and level the playing field with hotels.”

Revyoos is co-founded by CEO Christophe Salmon, a property manager and ex-digital marketing executive, and CTO Angel Arcos, a tech startup veteran specialising in developing global online products and services using cloud technology and AI processes. The team is joined by digital advisor Pedro Diaz, who brings more than 25 years’ experience in digital transformation.

Revyoos is also a finalist of the 2020 VrTech Awards, an industry reviewed startup competition showcasing tech companies creating innovative solutions for the vacation rental ecosystem.

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