Rural Retreats and Norfolk Holidays are seeing surges in staycation bookings [Credit: Peel + Williams]

QHA brands report surges in staycation bookings

UK: QHA Group Ltd [Quality Holidays Assured] brands, Rural Retreats and Norfolk Hideaways, are reporting surges in summer staycation bookings in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the enforcement of travel restrictions around the world. 

Norfolk Hideaways reported an increase in bookings of 250 per cent between June and July this year compared to the same timescale in 2019, while Rural Retreats confirmed it had seen bookings rise by 220 per cent on this time last year.

James Boyce, managing director of Rural Retreats and the UK Hideaways brands, commented on the bookings news: “It’s encouraging to see year on year growth in the last two months – something we really didn’t expect to see given the events that preceded them. This is hugely pleasing for our homeowners who have been able to make up some of the bookings lost during lockdown but also for UK tourism in general.”

Rural Retreats and Norfolk Hideaways offer an extensive portfolio of holiday homes and properties, nestled in idyllic locations across the UK. The former features around 600 properties and the Hideaways brands collectively [Cornwall, Cotswolds, Dorset, Glamping, Norfolk and Suffolk] provide more than 1000 places for travellers to stay.

The brands’ offerings include a diverse range of alternative accommodations, including cottages, dog-friendly cottages, lighthouses, historic retreats, shepherds’ huts, lodges, yurts, safari tents and luxury pads, as well properties with hot tubs, swimming pools, fires and wood burners.  

Founded in 1985, Rural Retreats was established with the aim of making the countryside more accessible for holidaymakers and giving them the best possible choice of holiday homes across the UK. 

Cornwall, Cotswolds, Dorset, Glamping, Norfolk and Suffolk Hideaways are all part of the QHA Group Ltd, which seeks to provide a wide range of top-quality holidays. 

Companies within the QHA Group also include the Holiday Property Bond, which was founded in 1983; Rural Retreats, five county listings which all fall under the Hideaways brand [covering Cornwall, Cotswolds, Dorset, Norfolk and Suffolk] and Glamping Hideaways, with countryside locations throughout the UK.

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