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The Travel in France platform has gone live

Startups join forces to launch Travel in France platform

France: Four short- and mid-term rental property management startups, GuestReady, HostnFly, NOCNOC and Welkeys, which all operate in France, have joined forces to launch Travel in France, their new joint website for booking flats and houses in the country.

According to a survey conducted by OpinionWay, 71 per cent of French people looking to go on holiday this summer plan to stay in France, hence the launch of Travel in France. The platform is now officially open for reservations, and offers more than 3,500 lodgings in 40 French cities.

With reduced response times, ease of access and cleanliness of accommodations, the platform aims to avoid the unpleasant surprises which often occur when renting from private individuals on conventional platforms.

GuestReady vice president Léo Bonnet said: “The crisis has strongly impacted our businesses but above all it has allowed us to overcome our differences and put aside our past rivalries. This quadripartite project aims to extend to all French players as long as service remains their priority.”

HostnFly CEO Quentin Brackers de Hugo said: “Many travellers, reluctant to book on rental platforms with private individuals, are looking to find a professional service that offers them listings and services to meet their needs. Travel in France responds to this need for high-quality service by bringing together accommodations managed solely by professionals.”

Each rental is visited and checked over by a concierge, while all housekeeping is carried out by professionals. Based on recommendations from health authorities, Travel in France will thoroughly disinfect all of its properties between stays and provide disinfected household linen from hotel-quality laundry facilities.

The new platform is seeking to reinvigorate the market by encouraging travellers to discover France through a reassuring experience.

NOCNOC co-founder Alice Tourlonias said: “For us, it was important to put customers back in the centre of service by limiting intermediaries. This also allowed us to improve the quality and price of our offerings.”

In May, the French government announced its intention to launch its own online platform for holiday goers in order to revive the sector.

The four short-term rental companies, who were competing against each other just a few months ago, have now decided to share out their offerings and combine their respective expertise in order to reimagine the future of short-term rentals. As such, they believe the new platform will satisfy legislators who want to appeal to the new needs of consumers.

Welkeys founder Chloé Fournier said: “France is the first country in the world to have been visited by 90 million travellers each year, so we absolutely had to design a platform that would meet the demands of French expertise!”

Between the four of them, they manage around 6000 units, and in 2019, they welcomed more than 400,000 visitors, generating over 50 million euros in revenue for their owners.

Their combined expertise will allow the Travel in France platform to offer verified accommodations, as well as quality services.

Brackers de Hugo added: “By aligning ourselves with other French startups, we have the ability to offer more than 5,000 properties in some 40 French cities since the platform’s launch. This makes it easier for travellers to find the ideal accommodations for their holidays.”

In a controlled and highly-selective marketplace, the project’s founding members hope to become the number one alternative to hotels and online booking platforms. The platform will remain open to other professionals in the sector to help expand its offerings and benefit the entire industry.

In addition, Travel in France uses technology developed by BookingSync, a France-based business which specialises in providing  property management software for vacation rental companies.

GuestReady co-founder and CEO, Alex Limpert, said: “This project really captures the spirit of the day, where a challenging situation has brought industry participants and even competitors together to overcome this crisis. It’s not just this project but generally I’ve never felt that people have been willing to share, collaborate and support as much as during the last few months.”

For more information, visit the Travel in France website here.

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