Podcast host Wil Slickers has launched The Destinationaire Award

Slickers launches “Destinationaire” Award

Worldwide: Podcast host and co-founder of StayLux, Wil Slickers, has launched The Destinationaire Award to shine a spotlight on hospitality professionals from the short-term rental and hotel industries who are going above and beyond to help their guests.

The award has been set up to show a high standard of commitment to professionals who dedicate their time to enhancing the guest experience, as well as building a team culture, the foundation of a strong community and representation of hospitality as a whole with trust and confidence behind everything they do.

Professionals have until 6pm PST on 31 July 2020 to submit a nomination, with the winners being announced on 10 August at 10am PST following a judging process.

Slickers said: “A Destinationaire is a person who is wired to create remarkable experiences that are anticipated and shared.

“As the hospitality industry continues to move forward and grow, those who truly practice this on a daily basis don’t always get the spotlight that they deserve. This is now their time to shine!

“I’ve done podcast episodes with many industry professionals in hotels, restaurants, and vacation or short-term rentals. We get to talk shop and geek out about the things we love, and many of those conversations have led to more conversations and ideas.

“One conversation in particular was with Jeremy Gall, the founder of Breezeway. He and I were hoping to find or create a better term other than “hospitality provider” or property manager while recording an episode in the Vacation Rental Mastermind Series back in January, but unfortunately we didn’t hit the nail on the head just then.

“That never left my thoughts, but a few months later after a quick conversation with Ryan Snyder about how he and I felt like we were “wired to create remarkable experiences that were to be shared and anticipated”, I then sat down and knew there had to be a word to the definition.

“Destinationaires in the hotel and short-term rental market deserve to have their moment to show off their excellence to their guests, teams, and all they come in contact with,” he added.

Qualifications and judging requirements:

Destinationaire standards:

● A Destinationaire is innovative and creative in service of others

● A Destinationaire is selfless and leads selflessly

● A Destinationaire knows how to tell a story

● A Destinationaire builds trust and confidence with guests and staff

● A Destinationaire masters the art of first impressions and experiences

● A Destinationaire knows their stuff and puts safety as a top priority

● A Destinationaire builds direct brand loyalty and provides value

Each nominee or nomination will have to be submitted by filling out the nomination form completely on the Slick Talk website. Slickers and the industry judges will be looking for people or companies nominated to meet most if not all of the Destinationaire standards outlined above.

The Destinationaire Award is sponsored by the following: 

  • I-PRAC
  • NoiseAware
  • Hostfully
  • Cleaning Certification
  • AJL Consulting
  • STR Legends & Profit Academy
  • Typsy
  • The Book Direct Show
  • Vrolio
  • ​Rent Responsibly
  • Breezeway

For more information on The Destinationaire Award, visit the Slick Talk website here, and for more information on the Slick Talk podcast, visit the link here.

The nomination link is here.

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