Stay Japan announces travellers’ concierge service for certified accommodation

Japan: Stay Japan has announced plans to introduce a concierge service to help travellers find certified vacation rentals in Japan.

The service, which would be provided by Haykusenrenma, would also help tourists who have had their bookings cancelled at the last minute due to the enforcement of the ‘Private Lodging Business Law’ in the country in June.

The recently-implemented law means the Japanese government has authorisation to remove any uncertified vacation rentals listed on any booking platforms across Japan, which some worry could lead to a lack of available certified options.

In addition to helping travellers find certified vacation rentals, Stay Japan will also help tourists visit the country’s popular sightseeing attractions and events.

The Japanese Tourism Agency has since advised travellers to cancel or change their accommodation agreements if their reservations have been made at illegal, uncertified properties.

Stay Japan represents Japan’s first vacation rental service to provide only certified accommodation and its staff will work directly with overseas tourists to provide certified lodgings filtered down by their travel preferences and requirements.

Travellers can fill in their accommodation preferences and contact details on Stay Japan’s new Concierge page which claims to offer high-quality lodgings in reach of the country’s principle tourist attractions.

The service, which is translated into three different languages (English, Japanese and Chinese), will also give travellers the opportunity to interact with Japanese residents and learn about the agricultural, farming, homestay and fishing industries which are key to Japan’s prosperity.

The concierge service runs in accordance with Japan’s Private Lodging Business Law, Hotel Law and National Strategy Special Area Law.

Prospective travellers to Japan can visit the English-language Stay Japan website at