TravelStaytion partners with Know Your Guest by SUPERHOG

Spain: Vacation rental company TravelStaytion, which offers 85,000 properties in more than 700 destinations worldwide, has partnered with Know Your Guest by SUPERHOG.

Through the partnership, TravelStaytion property managers will be provided with a pre-emptive risk management toolkit that works as a deterrent, identifying high-risk guests.

The partners say the initiative will “reduce costs, drive new revenue, and remove fear, uncertainty, and doubt for their property managers, paving the way for a future full of great guests, while reducing their exposure to unnecessary risk”.

Humphrey Bowles, CEO and founder of SUPERHOG, said: “We’re always looking to help grow and nurture the importance of risk management in the vacation-rental market. Both companies are aligned in offering safe and professional services and our new partnership with TravelStaytion will be one of growth, as we share our risk management toolkit and knowledge to thousands of professionally managed properties.”

Jason Anastasinis, CEO of TravelStaytion, added: “At TravelStaytion we are committed to the ongoing support of the stakeholders we collaborate with. Through our partnership with Know Your Guest, we elevate our services even more and we manage to provide an integrated product to the property managers and owners by connecting them with risk management solutions, in a mission to serve the traveller.”

Know Your Guest is a pre-emptive risk management platform for property managers in the short-term rental industry. It is a SaaS solution that “streamlines risk management and removes manual work and guesswork from the equation”.

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