TurnKey launches homeowner revenue guarantee program

US: TurnKey Vacation Rentals has launched a revenue guarantee program for first time homeowners signing up for its property management services.

The revenue guarantee is designed to be a unique offering which aims to generate more revenue for its homeowners, due in part to TurnKey’s low commission rates.

The revenue guarantee program applies in a number of scenarios, particularly when a new homeowner works with a property manager or manages their own home.

If a homeowner is switching property managers, TurnKey says that they will earn at least $5,000 more net revenue in their first year by partnering with them. If a homeowner is managing their own property, TurnKey says that they will earn at least the same net rental revenue that they currently make.

TurnKey co-founder and CEO, T.J. Clark, said: “Since 2013, we’ve focused on providing our homeowners with peace of mind and maximum value for their vacation rental. Having done this for more than 4,000 high-end homes across the U.S., we’re confident in our ability to guarantee performance.

“We know that choosing a vacation rental property manager can be a tough decision for a homeowner and now with our revenue guarantee, we’re able to make that decision a little easier. We feel so strongly and confident in what we can deliver that when a homeowner gives us the chance and the honour to take care of their vacation rental, we’ll prove it was the right decision,” he added.

The program is aiming to provide homeowners with peace of mind when it comes to taking advantage of TurnKey’s vacation rental property management.

For more information on TurnKey Revenue Guarantee, visit the website here.