TripAdvisor starts collecting TDTs on rentals

Orlando: Orange County has announced it has entered into a voluntary collection agreement (VCA) with TripAdvisor and its affiliates to collect tourist development taxes (TDTs) on short-term rentals.

The announcement, made by Orange County comptroller Phil Diamond, saw the agreement come into effect at the start of the year.

As a result, TripAdvisor will be collecting TDTs on behalf of property owners in Orange County who use its rental platforms.

The travel company will collect the taxes from people booking their trips via their platforms, including BookingBuddy, FlipKey, Jetsetter, SmartTravel, HouseTrip and VacationHomeRentals.

The tax is applied to hotel, motel and other short-term rental sales in the county to fund tourism-related expenses such as marketing for increasing numbers of tourists or funding venues like the local Camping World Stadium.

Diamond also recently entered into a VCA with HomeAway and its affiliates, including VRBO and Vacation Rentals. VRBO is collecting TDTs on behalf of all Orange County property owners using the VRBO rental platform and its related platforms.

The recent VCAs will prevent more property owners from having to file individual TDT returns with the comptroller’s office every month. This will reduce the number of tax returns that the office has to process and it will ensure that all TDTs are collected and paid on time.