Your.Rentals partners with Minut
[Credit: Minut]

Your.Rentals partners with Minut

Worldwide: Your.Rentals has teamed up with Minut to provide home monitoring solutions for rental managers and hosts.

Your.Rentals is a property management platform with more than 30,000 registered owners and managers listed on the site. The platform features tools such as a channel manager, calendar sync, direct booking tools and more. 

Minut is a home monitoring system helping property managers and hosts to track noise, temperature, occupancy, humidity and more. 

Through the partnership, guests can now receive SMS and Autocall directly when the noise level exceeds the threshold. In addition, property managers can download a noise report via the Your.Rentals platform.

Andrew Martyn, CEO and founder of Your.Rentals, said: “This partnership is a perfect example of how we are working to build a complete solution for short-term rental managers and hosts. We understand our customers are looking for home monitoring solutions to protect their properties. They want a smooth integration, without API coding, and to be able to connect within minutes. Therefore, we are happy to partner with Minut, the leading home monitoring system, to provide this hassle-free solution to our customers.”

Nils Mattisson, CEO and co-founder of Minut, said: “We believe that protecting short-term rental properties should be easy. Minut already provides hosts and property managers with an automated way to detect and resolve noise. Our integration with Your.Rentals makes this process even more seamless. We’re always excited when we can help our customers save time.”

Minut recently closed a $14 million Series B funding round led by Almaz Capital.

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