Your.Rentals chooses NextPax for Google Vacation Rentals distribution

Netherlands: Vacation rental management platform Your.Rentals has announced that it has chosen to distribute its 12,000 properties via the channel management solution of NextPax to Google’s leading travel product – Google Vacation Rentals.

Following a very quick implementation, all the active properties in the Your.Rentals system will now be distributed by default via NextPax to Google Vacation Rentals. It ensures that the company’s brand is now directly visible on the platform, providing the ability for Your.Rentals to generate a direct appearance with its brand and to generate bookings from this platform.

NextPax’ role in this partnership is to push all pricing and availability real-time, possessing an ‘excellent’ status in Google’s pricing accuracy programme and also to provide all the static content, photos, descriptions, amenities and reviews. The company also helps to land the traveller from Google on a converting customised booking page for Your.Rentals, and from there, automatically generates the reservations in the Your.Rentals system.

According to Lennart Kok, NextPax’s director of global partnerships, the collaboration poses a “tremendous opportunity” for all parties involved: “Through very scalable technology we can constantly synchronise pricing, availability and content and manage the booking process with Google bringing large suppliers of vacation rentals onto this exciting marketplace Google is offering. This allows supply partnerships like Your.Rentals to position themselves in an unique way.”

Andrew Martyn, CEO and founder of Your.Rentals, said: “We are excited to partner with NextPax to list our properties and have the ability to market ourselves on Google Vacation Rentals. It not only enables us to expand our channel connection but also market our brand along with our listings.

“We believe this will greatly improve the guest experience,” he added.