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Tuesday 6 June [4pm BST]: What happens when it all goes wrong? Prevention techniques to avoid catastrophe

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Hosted by STRz editor Paul Stevens

[Sponsored by PriceLabs & Minut]

The last few years have presented travel and hospitality businesses with a unique set of challenges to overcome as we seek to navigate challenging times. Companies have struggled to secure external investment, been forced to make extensive layoffs or even shut down altogether as the effects of the pandemic continue to hit hard. With that in mind as we begin to emerge into brighter times, how can we look back and learn what safeguards we can put in place should more unique circumstances arise that threaten our businesses?


You will learn:

  • Challenges that businesses have had to overcome in recent years and how they have overcome them
  • How businesses can plan and prepare for various scenarios – good and bad
  • How technology and automation can streamline tasks and make processes more efficient
  • The importance of calm and strong leadership in moments of crisis
  • Securing investment / being acquired / staff shortages or over-hiring – how can these be addressed?
  • Advice for businesses about dealing with adversity, how to come back from difficult challenges and the opportunities ahead for a brighter future
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