Tuesday 9 May [4pm BST]: How far can AI / automation make hospitality / accommodation a lean business?

Hosted by STRz editor Paul Stevens

[Sponsored by PriceLabs & Minut]

AI and automation are terms that we are by now all familiar with, but how exactly can they be used in a travel and hospitality context? As new-age tools such as chatbots and machine learning become more commonplace in our personal and professional lives, driving a digital transformation of products and services, businesses are seeking out new ways to enhance the guest experience by providing personalised solutions and to make more informed decisions that drive future profitability and growth. But is AI / automation something to be embraced or wary of, and are there lessons that we can learn from other sectors?


You will learn:

  • How travel and hospitality businesses are using new-age methods to enhance the guest / homeowner experience
  • How these businesses can access data and innovative software or tools
  • Why non-traditional lodging segments are turning to emerging software tools to adapt to market conditions in real time
  • How AI / automation can empower leaders to make more precise, informed decisions – including in marketing and content
  • Why now is the time to embrace AI – or are there reasons to be wary of it?
  • How innovative tools are becoming more personalised and tailored for different demographics
  • What travel / hospitality businesses can learn from other industries [e.g. retail] as consumer lifestyles, preferences and behaviours evolve

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