Airbnb's Brian Chesky [Photo Credit: Business Insider]

Protests cause Airbnb to delay post-coronavirus travel update

US: Airbnb has put a hold on its announcement of plans for post-coronavirus due to the eruption of protests across the US.

Protests arose in the wake of the death of George Floyd, a black Minneapolis native, who lost his life due to actions by a white police officer.

Airbnb has been making plans for a post-virus travel world since the global downturn led to the majority of its bookings being either postponed or cancelled. The company has already made sizeable changes, adding new safety and cleanliness protocols and augmenting its virtual experiences platform.

With the United states in significant turmoil, the company has decided to delay its projected statement. In a statement to Fox Business, Airbnb said it would push the announcement: “out of respect for the countless people around the world who are raising their voices and speaking out against racism and for justice.”

The company is one of many who have changed plans or made statements due to the outbreak of protests. Brands like Nike, Youtube, and many media brands have all made statements in support of the protests and the wider Black Lives Matter movement.

Airbnb has made no statement as to when the updated statement will come. It has not disclosed any further information about its content, beyond saying it will address current travel trends and additional company concerns.

This period of global pandemic has led to many changes for Airbnb and its goals. Airbnb Plus, the company’s design centred brand, seems to have been shelved due to variety of internal complications, while the company’s chief ethics officer, Robert Chestnut, has recently left the company.

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