Airbnb has removed Neo-Nazi members' accounts from its platform [Credit: Fortune]

Airbnb removes neo-Nazi group’s accounts from platform

US: Airbnb has announced that it has removed more than 60 accounts associated with the online neo-Nazi group Iron March in a purge of white supremacists from its platform, according to the Daily Mail.

The short-term rental platform made the response after the identities of hundreds of Iron March users were leaked over the Internet recently.

The action came after the identities of hundreds of Iron March users were leaked over the internet.

In a statement, an Airbnb spokesman said: “Anyone sympathetic to neo-Nazi ideology and violent extremism has absolutely no place on Airbnb, and our community is a better place without them.”

Iron March is an online site that connects people from all over the world to in a forum-type setting. A number of its members have also been linked to murders and terror attacks across the United States and other Western countries.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the spokesman continued: “This was a no-brainer – when we see people on our platform pursuing behaviour antithetical to our Community Commitment, we take action to prioritise the safety of our community. Through our trust and safety systems, we are continuously seeking to proactively identify those who could put our hosts and guests at risk.”

Airbnb has reportedly removed more than 1.2 million users so far that the company deems to have violated its “Community Commitment” anti-discrimination policy that it brought in three years ago.

The platform has been under heavy scrutiny for its anti-discrimination policies since first announcing that it would remove short-term rental listings from its platform that were located in Israel’s West Bank, before it later backed away from the plans due to a significant backlash from the Jewish population.

The area is at the heart of a bitter political dispute between Israelis and Palestinians over who the region should belong to.

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