Oita Prefecture, near to one of the 2019 Rugby World Cup venues [Credit: Rugby World Cup]

Airbnb releases list of top ten trending autumn destinations

Worldwide: Airbnb has released its latest definitive list of the top ten trending destinations for travel over the autumn period, according to its own internal booking data.

The summary outlines which places have made the largest gains in travel search bookings for the upcoming season, in comparison with the equivalent period for 2018.

Factors which could play a part in locations’ popularity gains include the assurance of fewer numbers of tourists, autumn foliage and the staging of major events, if the data is to be believed.

This is evident with the presence of Japanese destinations in the list ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, with respective host cities Beppu and Ōita featuring prominently in terms of search increases compared to 2018. The former is also one of Japan’s most recognised hot spring resorts.

Another notable trend is guests searching for less obvious German destinations to experience the annual Oktoberfest beer festival, with Halle securing a significant increase in bookings this year. The place known to be Georg Friedrich Händel’s birthplace offers the historical and artistic culture to be considered a worthy alternative to the hustle and bustle of Munich.

Other niche destinations to gain booking traction are Regina in Canada, the Carolinas in the United States, Switzerland, Austria, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

The full list of Airbnb’s top ten trending destinations for autumn travel is detailed below:

1) Regina, Canada (328 per cent)
2) Beatenberg, Switzerland (312 per cent)
3) Beppu, Japan (288 per cent)
4) Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico (279 per cent)
5) Culebra, Puerto Rico (250 per cent)
6) Tepoztlán, Mexico (250 per cent)
7) Halle, Germany (248 per cent)
8) Anderson, South Carolina (247 per cent)
9) Pinehurst, North Carolina (243 per cent)
10) Obertraun, Austria (232 per cent)

[Credit: Internal data from Airbnb]

For more information, visit the Airbnb website here.

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