Property management company Airsorted rebrands to Houst

UK: London-based professional hosting company Airsorted has unveiled its new brand identity: Houst.

The rebrand marks a significant step in the evolution of the business, and recognises the growing number of platforms now used by owners to secure short- to mid-term lettings for their properties.

Developed by leading brand consultancy Ragged Edge, the new name and visual identity is designed to reinforce the relevance of Houst against a background of exponential growth in their markets – both in the UK and around the world.

The newly-created Houst logo [Credit: Houst]
Already a significant player in the professional hosting space, Houst’s ambition is to be seen as an essential partner to property owners, rather than simply a service provider. Its new tagline – “the home of opportunity” – is a powerful declaration that signals both its “unique” management model and the potential it offers users.

Houst founder and CEO, James Jenkins-Yates, said: “We’re proud to have established the category of host-management, defining the standards of great hosting including five-star housekeeping and thorough guest vetting.

“When we launched, we were understandably focused on the huge opportunity that Airbnb presented to hosts and guests. Now, the market has evolved and so has our proposition – hosts can list their properties on a range of short to mid-term lettings platforms.

“As such, we have rebranded to clearly communicate this evolution and the huge opportunity that exists for all hosts,” he added.

In 2019, Houst supported hosts across 20 cities in 11 countries to achieve more than 250,000 bookings, generating a total of revenue for hosts of over £90 million. Since its founding in 2015, the company has managed a portfolio of properties valued at more than £5 billion globally.

Londoners, in particular, are said to be reaping the rewards of the service, letting their properties out on average for 63 days a year and earning £6,894 as a result. Hosts on the Houst platform have sailed around New Zealand, explored Europe in a campervan and even walked from London to Rome to raise money for charity, due to income from renting their property.

Jenkins-Yates continued: “We want to continue to innovate and build on the success we’ve seen to date. We think there’s a huge opportunity to unify the industry and position Houst as the global home of hosting.

“This will mean we will acquire some of the smaller- to medium-size players in key markets alongside us continuing to build strong partnerships with our hosts,” he added.

As the company has moved from startup to scale up, it has wanted an identity that communicates its ambition and market-leading status.

The visual identity is built around a bold, authoritative wordmark whose rounded edges and quirky letterforms imbue warmth and personality. A striking yellow and black colour palette cuts through the conservative aesthetic found in the rest of the category.

For more information, visit the new Houst website here.