Blueground has launched the Blueground Pass [Credit: Blueground]

Blueground announces Blueground Pass launch

Worldwide: Global proptech startup Blueground, which operates in 15 cities around the world, has announced the launch of the new Blueground Pass to support guests living and working from anywhere.

The Blueground Pass is a yearly or half-yearly lease with the opportunity to move between apartments, neighbourhoods, and cities across the globe all at the most competitive rates. The company says it is rewarding guests with an explorer mindset by providing up to a $1,000 credit on their second booking under the Blueground Pass.

Living and working habits have evolved dramatically, and as more companies allow continued flexibility, there is a unique opportunity for people to explore a new way of living. With remote working on the cards for many of London’s workforce – one in five London firms are expecting employees to work from home five days a week – Blueground’s apartments are able to cater to digital nomads, those able to work from home and looking for a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle.

Blueground Passholders will now have access to 4,500 apartments across three continents all under one master lease.

Alex Chatzieleftheriou, co-founder and CEO of Blueground, said: “As we come out of a period where most of us did not go further than our local grocery store, we are seeing more and more of our guests asking us to facilitate their renewed appetite to explore new locations, while continuing to work remotely. Currently, 20 per cent of Blueground guests are working remotely and another 32 per cent are on a temporary work assignment – bringing to life the demand that led to the creation of the Blueground Pass.”

As soon as passholders book their first stay, they can earn credit applicable towards their next Blueground Pass stay. Passholders have the option to freeze up to two months and four months depending on their lease length.

Key benefits for passholders include:

  • Competitive rates: Guests get the best rates on each of their individual stays within a single pass contract. They will receive an additional discount off their second booking in the Pass [for 12- month lease, up to $1000 for bookings within the USA, up to €500 for bookings within Europe, Middle East and UK; for six-month lease up to $500 for bookings within the USA, up to €250 within Europe, Middle East and UK].

  • Flexibility: Guests can stay on their own terms – move between as few as two apartments or as many as 12. There is no need to plan more than 30 days ahead of their next move. If guests need to travel outside the Blueground network, they can freeze their lease for a certain period of time.

  • Priority access: Passholders get the first choice at new, upcoming apartments, as supported by their own dedicated sales advisor that can help book apartments and manage the entire relocation process through the course of the pass duration.

Blueground apartments are professionally designed, fully furnished and equipped to meet guests’ unique needs, and the company was founded on the mission to make people feel at home wherever they choose to live.

In June, the startup introduced Blueground Nomads, a flexible and innovative working model designed to give the power of choice to the employee, having listened to new trends in teleworking models worldwide [flexible / hybrid].

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