Autohost and NoiseAware partner to eliminate parties in rentals

Canada: Guest-screening and verification software provider, Autohost, has announced a partnership integration with smart noise monitoring company NoiseAware.

The integration provides property managers with an intelligence-driven security solution to better predict and prevent parties at short-term rental properties.

NoiseAware helps to protect properties and keep guests accountable during the in-stay, between check-in and checkout. When used in conjunction with Autohost, noise alerts include guest analysis and a risk level associated with the individual reservation.

The integration will also allow customers to access their NoiseAware analytics through the Autohost dashboard, providing richer reservation insights. These are used to enhance Autohost’s risk algorithm, giving the platform the ability to better predict and protect against parties.

Described as a “first of its kind partnership in the short-term rental industry”, property managers are armed with comprehensive security and maximum protection against parties and property damage by leveraging data from both platforms.

Autohost CEO Roy Firestein said: “Even with the most sophisticated of guest-screening solutions, we encourage our customers to invest in property monitoring technology. No security measure is foolproof, but pairing guest screening with proper monitoring is the best way to protect your properties.

“With this integration, customers will be armed with the insights they need to keep their properties safe from incidents, and Autohost will continue using real-time data to make our system even smarter,” he added.

NoiseAware co-founder and CEO, Andrew Schulz, said: “Noise is the number one indicator of problems at a property. When you solve the noise problem, you reduce a majority of the causes of property damage, fines, angry neighbours and lost rental income. It’s really Property Assurance.

“By combining that assurance with Autohost’s preventative guest screening, property managers can have total peace of mind during the stay, knowing they’ve done everything in their power to protect their business and their community,” he added.

Last month, Autohost launched its authority reporting feature, designed to help property managers easily navigate the increased regulations being introduced in the short-term rental industry.