Book Direct Show to take place in London in September

UK: The Book Direct Show has been announced to take place in London in September 2021, following its debut event in September last year.

The Book Direct Show will commence on Wednesday 1 September with a series of featured online presentations to be streamed each weekday up to Friday 10 September. This will be followed by the live one-day conference to take place on Monday 13 September at the Tobacco Dock venue in London, the same venue that will host International Hospitality Media’s [IHM] Urban Living Festival on 7-8 July 2021.

The online and in-person hybrid event is “uniquely focused upon delivering actionable direct booking strategies for short-term rental management companies, hoteliers, B&B owners and serviced accommodation providers”. Accommodation managers from around the world will be able to join online and / or live in person.

Borne out of “increasing dissatisfaction” among professional property managers around the world, who say that there is a “worldwide monopoly of just a few booking sites” and are actively looking to reduce their reliance on them, The #BookDirect movement has gained significant traction over the last 12 months. Many businesses are highlighting a need for “more control and independence, unrestricted guest communication and greater data ownership”.

Some of the most prominent voices behind the Book Direct movement claim that the challenging year that hospitality and short stay accommodation businesses have experienced over the past 13 months was exacerbated by what they perceive to be the “controversial handling of cancellation booking refunds in the spring” by a number of leading OTAs [online travel agencies].

Damian Sheridan, director of The Book Direct Show, said: “We’re very excited to return to an in-person experience for the 2021 Book Direct Show. We’ve all desperately missed that live networking element and we are very confident in the success of the UK vaccination rollout programme.

“The hunger for generating direct bookings is stronger than ever. We’ve seen large numbers join our Book Direct Network since January. The #BookDirect movement is growing rapidly across the globe.

“Generating direct bookings is one of the hottest topics amongst property managers for 2021 and beyond. It’s time to take control of our businesses,” he added.

Expert speakers will deliver presentations focusing on content marketing, branding, booking conversion, consumer trust, guest experience, storytelling, Google, SEO, social media, technology, website design and video marketing.

The 2021 Book Direct Show will include a full online access package to cater to property managers anywhere in the world.