Breezeway launches 24/7 guest support powered by AI

US: Property operations platform Breezeway has launched 24/7 guest support to allow hosts and property managers to deliver memorable hospitality experiences in person, knowing that comprehensive guest assistance is readily available around the clock. 

The team at Breezeway Assist has recognised the importance of the human touch in hospitality, answering phone calls and text messages 24/7, 365 days a year. Breezeway leverages AI technology to gather accurate information and promptly deliver personalised responses to guests within a few minutes.

Breezeway Assist uses data from guest reservations, messaging, property guide and operational tasks to respond to guests. Property managers and hosts can choose to use Assist whenever they want — as an after-hours service, handling all guest interactions, or as a way of taking the pressure off in peak season.

When guests reach out, the Breezeway Assist staff will address guest questions and create tasks in property managers’ workflow so they can see what interactions have taken place, even escalating urgent issues when necessary.

The idea for Assist was borne out of the knowledge that guests who feel taken care of are far more likely to leave positive reviews, make referrals, and even book a return visit. The vast majority [95 per cent] also prefer text rather than voice communication, opening up a strong opportunity to leverage data stored on Breezeway’s platform to provide premium customer support at scale.

Breezeway Assist is designed to be the embodiment of ‘people-powered AI’, helping small businesses operate more efficiently and freeing up valuable time so teams can do more.

Jeremy Gall, founder and CEO of Breezeway, said: “Assist represents the continued expansion of Breezeway’s operations platform; another example of how hosts and managers can leverage operational data and workflows to drive more consistent hospitality experiences.”

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