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Four Seasons offers mid-term stay benefits programme

US: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has announced that it will provide those who stay at one of their properties for over 30 days a series of unique benefits.

This offer applies across the company’s full suite of properties, including its Private Retreats.

Exclusive Benefits available to mid-term stay guests include:

  • Roundtrip transportation between the hotel/resort and airport
  • Complimentary parking for one car
  • Twice-weekly private fitness sessions with a personal trainer
  • A personal concierge contact during your stay
  • Private consultation on arrival with the concierge team to tailor learning and programming options
  • Consultations with the chef and spa team to personalise a culinary and wellness plan
  • Complimentary wifi

The Four Seasons is also emphasising its contactless app, stating that guests can use it to schedule various activities. It includes over 100 supported languages and real-time response tracking.

The company hopes to capture both travellers and workers who are aiming for mid-term stays, with marketing details emphasising the novelty of its properties. It also hopes to capture the family market, directly referencing remote learning in its promotional materials.

Four Seasons has committed to expanding its rental portfolio since last year, in order to compete with expanding programmes from groups like Marriott. Its business model relies on providing the luxury amenities linked with the Four Seasons brand to those using their villa programme.

The mid-term rental market has been on the rise due to covid-19’s impact on the travel market, with an April report from AirDNA revealing that the average global length of stay had increased from 3.3 to 7.7 days in total. This has been amplified on certain platforms, with the report revealing that Airbnb saw bookings for over two weeks make up 50 per cent of nights booked globally.

Investment has followed this trend. Czech mid-term letting platform Flatio acquired nomad housing marketplace NomadX for around £3.6 million, as the two hope that their combined forces can hold off larger companies as they move into the market sector.

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