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Party Squasher has launched its Pro solution [Credit: Party Squasher]

Party Squasher launches Pro monitoring solution

US: Party Squasher, which claims to be the “first occupancy people-counter designed expressly for short-term rental properties”, has launched Party Squasher Pro, a new multi-property occupancy monitoring solution for short-term rental property management companies.

The Party Squasher occupancy monitoring service consists of a small sensor connected to a proprietary cloud service. The sensor passively counts the mobile devices in and around a home, even if they are not connected to wifi, to report the number of mobile devices at a property.

Up-to-the-minute and historical counts are delivered via the Party Squasher mobile app, available on both Google Android and Apple iOS mobile phones. 

The Party Squasher Pro product is designed to introduce capabilities that are ideal for professional property managers. 

Its web dashboard intends to make it as simple as possible to group properties into portfolios and is extensible to allow hosts to report status from other devices such as noise monitors or keyless locks. Managers are able to group properties based on qualities such as geography, risk level, local management contact or other important operational metrics. 

In addition, the Party Squasher Pro API ensures that property managers can connect the occupancy monitoring solution into commonly-used existing property management system [PMS] tools, meaning an easier and more consistent approach to managing overcrowding and parties across an entire portfolio. Property managers are able to specify different occupancy alert thresholds for each property, and receive alerts if the detected occupancy rises above that selected limit. 

The company says it does not use microphones or cameras, nor does it collect or store personal data or track phone numbers, making it privacy-friendly. 

Party Squasher’s monitor has been certified GDPR-compliant by ePrivacy. The cloud service employs advanced cloud heuristics and analytics software, developed by BlueZoo, and is protected by six US patents covering Wi-Fi access, privacy and network communications.

Aiming to protect properties, hosts and guests in the short-term rental ecosystem, Party Squasher is a consumer product family from wifi innovator BlueZoo, a Silicon Valley-based technology company that delivers a variety of products for measuring occupancy and other foot traffic analytics products. BlueZoo’s BlueFox product family delivers solutions to the retail, hospitality, advertising and real estate industries.   

Last month, the company also launched a party prevention program to help hosts and property managers protect their short-term rentals from parties.

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