Jurny CEO Luca Zambello

Jurny introduces AI multi-agent system

US: Vertically-integrated, artificial intelligence [AI]-powered property management solution Jurny has introduced its AI multi-agent system to automate short-term rental and hotel operations.

The technology marks a significant milestone for the company as property management solutions evolve. The specialised AI agents are designed to cooperate and handle specific tasks such as concierge services and guest communications, without the need for human intervention.

Jurny CEO Luca Zambello said: “Our AI multi-agent technology marks a turning point for the hospitality industry. It signals a seismic shift, transforming our interaction with technology and property management, and opening up new possibilities that we didn’t have before.

“This initiative extends far beyond hospitality. It establishes the foundation for a surge in AI innovation across countless sectors.

“Startups creating the infrastructure to harness the full capabilities of next-generation AI will emerge as the biggest winners in the next five years,” he added.

Jurny’s multi-agent system is a network of several purpose-built AI agents that are able to reason and make decisions on their own, including a local concierge agent, a guest communications agent, a quality assurance agent, a reporting agent, an upsell agent, and more. The agents communicate and interact with each other to accomplish complex tasks.

Jurny’s AI agents mimic the collaborative dynamic of a real-world team. When a property manager or a guest has a question or an issue, Jurny’s agents “consult” each other to quickly deliver an accurate, informed response.

The system is made possible due to Jurny’s vertically integrated, centralised data platform. Unlike fragmented legacy systems, Jurny’s platform is set up to allow AI agents to work efficiently across all software components.

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