Jurny has enhanced its integration with Airbnb [Credit: Jurny]

Jurny and Airbnb partner to automate STR management

US: AI-powered hospitality tech company Jurny has announced an enhanced integration with Airbnb and a number of industry-first guest communication, review, and reservation management features.

Leveraging Jurny’s advanced GPT-4 powered tools, short-term rental hosts will now be able to experience a robust one-click setup and efficiently manage any number of Airbnb listings directly from the former’s centralised dashboard.

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 [GPT-4] is a multimodal large language model created and launched by OpenAI in March. It is the fourth in its numbered “GPT-n” series of GPT foundation models.

Luca Zambello, co-founder and CEO of Jurny, said: “Jurny was born out of a desire to create a powerful, easy-to-use tool that would address the challenges faced by hospitality businesses, from small Airbnb management companies to large-scale vacation rental companies. Our platform harnesses the power of AI and automation to simplify daily tasks, optimise resources, and streamline operations, ultimately leading to enhanced guest experiences and increased revenue for our clients and partners.”

Hosts using Jurny’s free property management system [PMS] or any of its subscription tiers can seamlessly connect with their Airbnb account in seconds, importing everything from individual user settings to full property profiles. Once connected, hosts stay on the Jurny platform, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple websites and tabs.

Key Airbnb management features within Jurny include:

  • Intelligent 24/7 guest communications and FAQs powered by GPT-4: Provide efficient and responsive guest support around the clock. Jurny’s next-level virtual assistant, Nia, can handle full conversations with guests and is more accurate at many tasks than the average human agent.
  • Effortless reservation management: Easily confirm, alter or cancel reservations in seconds. Nia aims to prevent booking conflicts and ensures guests’ needs are met at every step of the journey.
  • Automated review management: Ensure guests’ voices are heard and concerns are addressed promptly and professionally. Nia can automatically respond to reviews and will also proactively prompt happy guests to leave positive reviews, strengthening overall trust and marketability.
  • Rapid resolution management: Manage every aspect of the resolution process directly from Jurny’s platform. In addition, hosts will soon be able to utilise Nia to achieve optimal conflict resolution, quickly and efficiently automatically.

This announcement comes on the heels of the launch of Jurny’s most advanced operating system to date, JurnyOS 2.0, which saw its user base grow by over 100 per cent in less than a month. Jurny also unveiled a free PMS, described as “the industry’s only completely free PMS leveraging Generative AI to assist hosts with managing their properties”.

Founded in 2019 and backed by VC firms Mucker Capital, Okapi Venture Capital, VITALIZE Venture Capital, Singularity Capital and SaaS Venture Capital, Jurny is setting out to transform the vacation rental industry by fixing the fragmented and costly property management model through modern, innovative technologies.

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