LuxHomePro has launched a vacation rental education program

LuxHomePro launches luxury short-term vacation rental education program

United States: LuxHomePro, a leader in short-term luxury vacation rental business training, has unveiled its Profit Formula professional education program.

The comprehensive online training program will equip new entrants into the vacation rental sector with detailed knowledge about how to find, market and operate vacation rental properties.

Those interested in registering for the Profit Formula training may register online at

Changing consumer behaviour is rapidly changing the travel industry as millions of travellers are switching from hotels to private homes and apartments as their preferred accommodation. The shift is transforming the cottage industry into a major industry niche for travellers in the face of growing regulatory, financial, marketing and customer care demands.

As the vacation rental market continues its resurgence, it will remain in flux for some time. Today, only a handful of professional operators understand the best management practices.

LuxHomePro co-founder Dave Bynum said: “As more and more people seek to get into the business, regulatory complexity is increasing. Neighbourhoods, HOA’s, cities and states are all grappling with how to regulate the increasing number of properties being run as short-term rentals.”

The shift means new entrants into the vacation rental market must be prepared to professionally manage properties.

The other co-founder of LuxHomePro, Jerry Conti, said: “Competition is increasing among operators in high-demand locations like Scottsdale and Miami Beach, as would-be operators flock to these markets and secure the best properties.”

As so few attractive properties exist in each ‘destination market’, it is becoming increasingly critical to gain competitive advantages.

In response to the increasing need for professional training for the vacation rentals business market, LuxHomePro has designed the most comprehensive training program available.

The Profit Formula program was designed by professional educators, based on the Bynum’s operational experience with LuxHomePro.

This online program is comprised of four pillars – selecting the right property; acquiring control of a property; prepping / outfitting a property; and marketing a property successfully.

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