Minut launches automated check-in / check-out messaging

Worldwide: Property monitoring company Minut is launching automated check-in and check-out messages to help hosts provide top-notch guest experience while saving them time and busywork.

Hosts and property managers will now be able to automate guest communication by scheduling the messages that will be sent to their guests before and after they check in or out. By doing this, they can ensure that communication with guests stays consistent and on-brand while spending minimal time and effort.

All messages – and their timing – are fully customisable, and a host can set up as many messages as they find necessary.

This is a new upgrade to Minut’s Guest Connect feature, which also lets hosts automate guest communication in the instances when noise is detected, making it easier to resolve noise issues as soon as they arrive.

Minut CEO and co-founder, Nils Mattisson, said: “We believe that good communication is key to a great guest experience. It should be consistent, clear, and build rapport with the guest. This might seem simple enough, but all hosts know how much time and effort it takes.

“By launching automated messaging for check-ins and check-outs, we want to help hosts be better communicators with less effort. No more mindless copy-pasting means no more errors or confused guests. It also means more time to go above and beyond for that extra special guest experience,” he added.

The new addition of check-in and check-out messaging supports Minut’s mission to make short-term rentals work for everyone: guests, hosts, and neighbours alike.

The company recently launched Autocall, a feature that gives the guests an automatic call when noise is detected, as well as occupancy monitoring, which counts the number of mobile devices in a property and prevents rental homes from overcrowding.

Check-in and check-out messages are now available to hosts and property managers worldwide.