Minut has announced a partnership with SUPERHOG

Minut and SUPERHOG partner to eliminate risk at every step

Sweden / UK: Property monitoring company Minut has partnered with global digital trust platform SUPERHOG to launch a comprehensive property protection solution.

Together, the two companies claim to be bringing together guest screening, noise and occupancy monitoring to prevent parties in short-term rentals and avoid the prospect of hosts having to deal with the aftermath.

Minut allows hosts and property owners to keep an eye on their property from anywhere in the world, while picking up on the first signs of a party kicking off by looking out for noise and crowding. It also seeks to resolve noise issues by contacting the guest, enhancing the host’s confidence throughout the guest’s stay.

Meanwhile, SUPERHOG’s guest screening solution, which serves the vacation rental and serviced accommodation industry, independently verifies users and puts protection in place for guest property damage in the form of their guarantee and deposit.

Before a booking begins, SUPERHOG independently verifies a guest through a comprehensive guest screening process including: background checks, biometric face match, burner phone checks and many more. This is backed with SUPERHOG’s guarantee and virtual damage deposit.

With the added implementation of Minut’s noise monitoring solution, hosts will have increased peace of mind before the booking has started, during the guest’s stay and after the booking has ended. The added layer of protection, on top of noise and occupancy monitoring, is designed to protect short-term rental businesses and eliminate the risk of parties causing damage to properties and reputations. 

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