NoiseAware has integrated with Guesty's marketplace [Credit: Guesty]

NoiseAware integrates with Guesty’s marketplace

US: Noise detection technology startup NoiseAware has announced it has integrated with all-in-one property management solution Guesty’s marketplace.

The partnership between NoiseAware and Guesty will increase the scope of the property management intelligence of the Guesty platform as it looks to achieve its aim to cut down on excessive noise in communities around the world.

The news follows the company’s release of its cutting edge “Gen 3” technology, a noise surveillance system which monitors indoor and outdoor noise levels. The technology creates a three-dimensional latticework of an entire property’s noise levels and feeds that data to the owner / manager of the property.

Meanwhile, Guesty serves busy property owners and managers as an all-in-one property management solution. The software allows personnel to manage multiple properties across multiple channels, check real-time reservations, screen potential customers, automate day-to-day tasks, and view property management metrics from one centralised dashboard.

This results in property managers being able to make more money, grow their business and save more time.

NoiseAware CEO and co-founder, Andrew Schulz, said: “Guesty has experienced incredible growth within the industry, in North America and abroad and NoiseAware is excited to tie in directly to make the use of our product that much better. Guesty’s vision and trajectory align well with NoiseAware’s and we couldn’t be happier that our first PMS integration is with Guesty.”

The integration of NoiseAware into Guesty’s marketplace will work like this:

• The NoiseAware integration tracks information from Guesty directly into its dashboard. This allows users to get detailed information about all tenants so you know who is staying where, when, and you can have their contact information on standby in case you need to call them for a noise alert.

• The NoiseAware Gen 3 monitors the noise levels in the surrounding property. If the noise level exceeds a specific threshold for an extended period of time, the property manager is immediately notified so that they can take appropriate action.

• Users will be able to dedicate more time to jobs that will help them generate value for their business without unnecessary hassles.

Guesty CEO and co-founder, Amiad Soto, said: “Home automation? Guest access? Dynamic pricing? We’ve got integrations for all of that, and now we’ve got one for noise control too.

“NoiseAware offers a sophisticated way to prevent potentially catastrophic outcomes relating to excessively noisy guests and we’re delighted to have them as a part of our expanding marketplace,” he added.

For more information, visit the NoiseAware website here and the Guesty website here.

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