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Thom James

North Wales Holiday Cottages appoints James to senior marketing role

Wales: The oldest independent holiday letting company in Wales, North Wales Holiday Cottages, has appointed Thom James as its new head of marketing and growth to take on the responsibility of capitalising on an ever-growing short-term rental market and helping to drive sustainable tourism practices in the region.

North Wales has been a key destination for tourism for decades, and the independently owned North Wales Holiday Cottages has been serving local communities across the region for over 50 years since its establishment in 1966.

Today, the business is run by the Griffiths family, which took over in 1996. Having worked for many established short-term rental businesses in Wales, James joins off the back of a spell working for Awaze, which runs large travel brands and Hoseasons, amongst others.

James said: “I am delighted to be joining such an amazing company with a rich history in the Welsh tourism industry. NWHC plays a significant role in the community and the region of North Wales as a whole.

“The goal is to be able to grow the business sustainably, whilst keeping local communities, people and families in mind, and working to benefit the region. The area of North Wales, its majesty and its history are there to be treasured and explored, and I cannot wait to get started,” he added.

Sustainable and measured growth is a key topic where North Wales Holiday Cottages feel it has a significant role to play in the North Wales region. Second home ownership in Wales, and in the North Wales region especially, has become a very divisive topic when it comes to housing and impact on local communities, and the Welsh government has already proposed and implemented measures aimed at redressing these issues, with more planned changes on the way.

Barbara Griffiths, who runs North Wales Holiday Cottages, said: “We agree that there is a problem to address regarding the issues about housing in the local communities. The major difference is that holiday letting and second home ownership are too often tarred with the same brush.

“Those who own second homes may only use them a few weeks a year and then they remain empty, whereas owners who decide to holiday let are contributing to the local communities where many people live and work. There is no easy solution to this issue – no silver bullet – because North Wales relies on tourism.

“We need to adapt and find a real balance within the industry which will allow both local communities and tourism to prosper. We have some ambitious plans for the company that will really benefit both new and established owners in the coming years, and strengthening our team with someone like Thom, who knows the industry, is a significant step in the right direction,” she added.

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