Pacific Northwest vacation rental website
A new approach to travel and tourism has been launched in the Pacific Northwest

Northwest Vacation Rental Professionals launches association website

America / Canada: Northwest Vacation Rental Professionals has announced the launch of a website which aims to increase awareness and tourism of the vacation rental industry in America and Canada.

The website ( ) will “unite regional vacation rental managers under one digital roof to promote a positive vacation shopping and booking experience” within the Pacific Northwest, California, Hawaii and British Columbia, in Canada.

President of the Northwest Vacation Rental Professionals, Dan Eby, said: “Travel and tourism are booming, and yet the market is more diverse and challenging than ever, particularly for individual property managers.

“It’s our job as property managers to find new and innovative ways to showcase properties, and support the industry as a whole. That’s exactly why we’ve chosen to unite as an association; a rising tide lifts all boats,” he said.

The website, which features listings across Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, British Columbia, California, and Hawaii, aims to address several obstacles that travellers face during the research and booking process.

These include issues with communication, the lack of guarantee about the condition of properties, and sky-high booking fees, which have become common on many listing sites.

The website is a ‘first-of-its-kind’ approach to promoting travel and tourism. The website launched with the full support of all association members and allows guests to search for vacation rentals across the Pacific Northwest, with thousands of high-quality properties available.

It also features a plethora of travel information, a blog with travel tips and itinerary ideas, and information on a wide array of vacation rentals across the Pacific Northwest.

Transparency is at the core of this platform as the association’s own website ( ) features public pages for ‘standard practices’ and a ‘code of ethics’.

Within this, visitors can find standards that hold property managers to account in order to prevent false or misleading information or discrimination of any kind, and policies for protecting the financial interests of property owners.

Eby said: “We want to provide the absolute best booking experience for every guest that visits the PNW.

“We plan to do that by giving people what they want – a high-quality, no-frills approach to vacation rental shopping. Our code of ethics and high standards will ensure that this happens,” he said.

The website also allows travel shoppers to book directly through verified member websites which will save guests booking fees that can reach up to $500 from other listing sites.

Visitors will therefore be able to easily explore and compare multiple websites in one place and learn more information or book directly via member websites.

A contest will run at the same time as the launch, offering entrants a chance to win a stay at The Oceanside Lodge on Saanich Inlet for three nights in October valued at $4,500.

To learn more about’s contest and enter for a chance to win, visit

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