PointCentral announces beta launch of smart noise monitor

US: PointCentral, a provider of rental property automation for short-term property managers, has announced the beta launch of its new smart noise monitor to give managers peace of mind by identifying noisy renters before they result in costly problems or unhappy neighbours.

The company’s Property Management Insights Report, which surveyed 200 property managers in 2021, found that 86 per cent of them see value in a noise monitoring solution, while over two thirds have not yet installed one in their rental properties.

The smart noise monitor is described as a “privacy-safe, affordable noise sensor” that measures sound levels and alerts property managers or owners when the noise levels they specified are exceeded. The plug-in device fully integrates with PointCentral’s property management platform to allow for simple management of multiple devices across a portfolio.

Property managers can configure noise thresholds and duration for each device and receive alerts, enabling them to proactively address issues.

Nate Wysk, general manager of PointCentral, said: “One of our primary goals is to help short-term rental managers protect their rental assets through the use of reliable and secure smart home technology. Our smart noise monitor is designed to provide managers with actionable insights about noise at their properties so they can avoid unhappy neighbours, fines, or property damage that put those assets at risk.”

Those interested in the limited smart noise monitor beta are invited to email BetaTeam@pointcentral.com.