Doinn strengthens position in UK market

UK: Doinn, a Portuguese platform for professional cleaning, laundry and linen rental services for holiday rentals, has strengthened its position in the UK market in London.

Since 2018, the cleaning and linen rental platform has been in London providing more than 5,000 services, making the UK one of Doinn’s most profitable markets for operations.

With a presence in 11 countries and more than 600 cities across Europe and America, Doinn is poised for further expansion.

Now with a reinforced business model and being able to service more than 20,000 properties, the company solidifies and provides not only a web platform but also a real-time app to facilitate the management of property managers on a daily basis.

As cleaning staff have become increasingly scarce in recent years, Doinn aims to transform operations for owners and property managers, allowing them to create automatic services from guest bookings. The company has now achieved integrations with more than ten property management systems to “bring laundry and cleaning operations into the hands of professionals”.

The company’s mission is to digitise cleaning companies and connect their quality professional services to property managers and holiday home owners.

Doinn launched the latest version of its mobile app for hosts on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store in November to ensure the processing of services that are requested in the platform.

The Doinn mobile app allows property managers to:

  • Review status of their services online in real time
  • Request for specific tasks within their services e.g. getting the sofa bed ready for two extra guests
  • Get a tracking timing when services start and finish