Roku releases Guest Mode software for rentals

Worldwide: Roku has released software for its streaming devices with some additional key features, including Guest Mode for Airbnb-type rentals.

Roku OS 9.1 is set to roll out to current generation streaming players over the coming weeks, which includes devices like the Streaming Stick+ and the Roku Express.

The Guest Mode enhancement is designed for rental situations, like in an Airbnb, and it enables users who sign in to ask for their credentials to be removed on a certain date.

As such, guests will no longer have to worry that their accounts are being used elsewhere. To enable Guest Mode, streaming device users must go to Settings > System > Guest Mode.

Device owners can also remotely sign people out using their account should they wish to.

The added software also includes a feature called Automatic Account Link, which essentially ties logins for streaming services together if one has multiple Roku devices. It will need to be supported by the streaming services themselves.

The software releases are designed to make life easier for tech users, particularly in rental settings, as they will have control over when their sign-in details are removed from the devices.